the batia vineyards story


Batia Vineyards is an award-winning boutique winery nestled in the Sierra Foothills of El Dorado County, California. It is the living expression of our love and passion for family and creating something we believe in.

Founded in 2011, we are a family-owned and family-run winery and the cornerstone of who we are is our estate vineyard. Our story is rooted in the soil, the vineyard and the grapes grown here to produce our wines – rich in character, beautifully balanced and always of exceptional quality.

Located in Cameron Park at an elevation of approximately 1,300 ft., our estate’s location, topography, climate and soil condition, have each proven to be ideal for the Rhone varietals we produce.

Hand-picked, hand-crafted and home-grown, wine from Batia Vineyards is always made with tender love and care, directly from vine to bottle.  

Meet Barbara

founder of batia vineyards

Barbara Comstock is the founder and visionary behind Batia Vineyards. She was born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Throughout her life she’s always had an eye for coming up with an idea and turning it into a successful reality. From owning a Women’s clothing store, opening a travel agency, obtaining her Real Estate License and eventually owning and running a winery; Barbara has always been a go-getter. During these busy years Barbara was also a mother to her beautiful daughter, Elaine and wife to Byron (Tony) Comstock.

Barbara and Tony lived a wonderful life together but sadly in 2010 Tony passed away leaving Barbara with the need for a project, and that is how Batia Vineyards came to life. This passionate vision sprouted into a reality when Barbara transformed her home in Cameron Park into the Batia Vineyards Estate. 

Meet Jim

partner & Operating officer

Jim Coxeter, friend of the Comstock family for over thirty years was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in Contra Costa County.

After graduation from college, at San Jose State University, with a major in Real Estate, Jim entered the Real Estate business and in a few short years subsequently co-founded a commercial real estate management /development company in 1977. Serving as president since the company’s inception, Jim’s entrepreneurial skills allowed him to nurture and grow several related businesses in the ensuing years.

In late 2003, after his wife of 34 years passed away, Jim retired and focused his attention on personal interests and spending time with his identical twin sons, Bryan and Blayne, their families and his granddaughter.

For much of Jim’s business career, Jim, his wife and sons resided in Millville CA. The family’s close friends and neighbors were Barbara and Tony Comstock. Learning of Barbara’s interest in establishing a vineyard, for months, preceding 2011, Jim and Barbara would discuss her vision. Barbara always the perpetual optimist and Jim offering a cautious and pragmatic approach to entering the business.

Jim followed the progress of Batia Vineyards in the immediate ensuing years, until joining Barbara and the Batia team in 2014. Jim has been committed to seeing Batia Vineyards grow from a hobby to a structured business model, representing the same high quality that its varietal grapes have exhibited and have been recognized with countless awards. 

Meet Ken Musso

Batia Vineyards Manager

Ken’s interest in making wine began to evolve over thirty years ago, when Ken became fascinated with the fact that his father and grandfather made a substantial amount of wine in the basement of a landmark mortuary in San Francisco.

Winemaking became even more intriguing when Ken’s cousin discovered a few bottles of his grandfather’s last vintage of a 1937 zinfandel. It was then that Ken knew it was his destiny to carry on the family tradition. 

Though Ken spent a career in firefighting in the San Francisco peninsula, after taking numerous classes and seminars at UC Davis and other venues, Ken jumped head first into wine making when he and his wife purchased a five acre parcel of land in Garden Valley, California in 1995. It was then that Ken’s passion for winemaking blossomed and he subsequently received Gold Metal status for his Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera. Ken now boasts 41 vintages since beginning his winemaking career.

While Ken has interest and is a partner in his own winery, Ken has shepared Batia’s progress and has mentored Jim and Barbara while always maintaining a keen eye on the vineyards development and growth of quality grapes. “Without quality grapes you cannot have quality wines” a motto of Ken’s and one that Jim and Barbara diligently adhere.



Andy Gaudy got his start in the wine industry when he took a cellar worker position at Chimney Rock Winery in Napa CA. in 1991. Andy learned everything he could about the wine making process during his 15 years at Chimney Rock starting with driving a forklift to custom crushing and bottling some of the finest grapes of Napa Valley and beyond.

As Andy’s experience in working to create ultra- premium wines grew, so did his appreciation for fine wines. He honed his senses of sight, taste and smell, for appreciating the best qualities inherent in a wide range of varietals. Andy is known for having both a superior palate and a great nose, capable of distinguishing not only the best qualities of a wine but more importantly those qualities that can be detrimental to creating the best that a particular grape or blend can offer.

Since 2006, Andy heads the custom crush facility for Clarksburg Wine Company, Clarksburg, CA., while at the same time working with a number of vintners, growers and other winemakers, all with varying philosophies and techniques, each hoping to achieve the desired result from their respective harvest.

For Batia Vineyards, Andy’s knowledge and expertise in getting the most out of a grape has resulted in the countless awards that have been earned since its first harvest.